Why Do We Play Video Games?

As I booted up a game to play I found myself asking a peculiar question. Why do I play games? I mean they are fun and all, but is that the sole reason that is driving me to play games? Are there any secrets that lay hidden under the cover of gaming? Well, I think I pretty much answered those questions for myself. Why do you play games? Strap yourselves in, let’s go through another tangent in my mind.

The fun factor.

So let me get the most simple reason out of the way, at least for myself. Games are in most cases designed to be a fun experience and in most cases, or at least, on some levels they are. Games are aimed at being an entertainment media, where you can interact with literally thousands of stories and characters. They give us something to do when we are bored and I can attest to their way of making interesting conversations between friends. Playing games are a good outlet and a fun activity to enjoy. When you are chasing down story lines in single player or when you are having a jolly time with people in multiplayer settings.

Though for many the definition of fun and/or joy can be very different, there seems to be a consensus among players that their experiences are fun to a certain degree.

Hoodini in a bottle baby.

I’ve heard some people say that, they wish they could just pop a message in a bottle and let it go in the ocean. This of course aimed at some mysterious person to come to their rescue. I, on the other hand, feel like the message in the bottle itself. Trapped with my daily life and it all just gets so run-of-the-mill, so often. So what do I do when I get all doom and gloom? I boot up a game. Even though to a certain degree I have always known this to be a fact in my life. I never sat and thought about it. I do use gaming as an escape mechanism. Sometimes it sucks to be human, but your Barbarian, doesn’t. Fighting through hordes of enemies seems to blow off some of the pent up steam I gather as I quest through my daily life.

I would go as far as to say that I relate myself to the characters that I play to a certain personal level. In a weird way, becoming what I play for a little while as I get lost in the digital universe for a bit. In essence, acting like Hoodini in a tough spot and just breaking free for a while. This might seem like a brash and unrealistic thing to feel, where I am certain that there are other people that might just feel the same way. I know a couple of friends that actually agree with me on this and besides the fun the games provide use it as a method to take a breather from the real. Obviously we don’t take it to the extreme and completely blur the line between the virtual and reality, but we welcome the break every now and then.

That is the stuff.

So, games are fun and provide a way to get a break from reality. The other thing it does and I lightly touched the subject above is that it helps to relieve stress. There is nothing more bliss than helping someone in need and feeling like a hero or knowing that even if you perish in your next battle, you’ll be okay, you’ll just respawn. A luxury that we don’t always have in the real world. In many games and I would almost be brave enough to say, in most games there aren’t any real repercussions for what we do, or don’t do and just playing the game how you want to play it seems like the best thing ever.

Also, what is a better way than to actually punch someone in the face? Well, doing it in a game of course. You know, you had a bad day and just don’t feel like anything. So you jump into a game and you see this Orc guy looking at you funny, like really funny and you know you just want to walk up to him and give him the good ol’ beat down. In games you can and in fact I have felt much better after venting in the virtual world, returning to my loved ones a more rejuvenated version of myself. What I want to clarify here is that I don’t rage online at other players, that is stirring a wave that you can’t stop and also it really doesn’t make you feel any better.

The verdict.

I saw myself rapidly spiraling into a thought process that I wouldn’t snap out of soon. So I decided that, even though it was just three reasons, that they were ample enough for me to continue my gaming without giving it too much further thought. So, for me? Fun, relaxation and a means to escape are probably the main reasons why I play my beloved games. I could probably find more if I did some soul searching, but that is for an article for another time. I hope you enjoyed the read and let us know why you play games, I would love to know! As always have fun and game on!

Written by: NinjaClicks

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