Is Unity Responsible For Bad Games?

Recently I have been through my library and saw a game that I haven’t played yet. So naturally I boot up the game and my soul started to sink into my shoes when the Unity splash screen came up. Immediately  the voice in my head said “oh, it’s going to be one of those games again”. This very thought, made me stand still and think for a while. Is Unity responsible for bad games? Honestly, no, no they are not responsible for the games that makes us as gamers sigh so deep we fall right off of the hype train.

Unity and bad games.

For a while now the popular digital storefronts have been littered with, do I dare say, shovelware. In a lot of these instances it comes with the splash screen from the Unity engine. Some of these titles more notorious than others. Titles like those that we have seen Jim Sterling cover are often driven by the Unity engine. These games are lackluster, half-baked and in a lot of cases borderline unplayable. They suck the very essence out of the gaming industry and knock the pride of indie developers all over the globe.

Why Unity?

Whilst Unity might be the engine that runs the “game” it is by no means, responsible for what is being created in their engine. The question then is, why is it so popular among the developers of the games? The answer is actually quite simple. The engine is free and you have a very lenient licensing agreement with them when you decide you want to commercially sell your product. Not only do they have favorable terms, the platform has thousands of tutorials that are relatively easy to follow. So in essence it is easy to get started building your game. Aside from that it has an asset shop, where anyone can get assets for their games. These assets range from absolutely free to professional products that are for sale.


The fact is that it is easy to get your hands on and easy to get acquainted with. This means that even yours truly have tried using the engine to some degree of success. Just, because a vehicle is comfortable to drive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person driving has any skill and/or experience. So when the vehicle becomes part of an accident you don’t blame the actual vehicle, you blame the drivers. That is exactly where the Unity engine sits within this crossfire. They deliver a platform, a good one at that, I mean look at the success of games like Hearthstone that was a smash hit with people around the globe or games such as the ever popular Rust, also made in the engine. They only deliver the vehicle, they don’t drive it, anyone can try their hand at developing a game and it is by no means, their responsibility or wrong doing that the developers sell these games to people.

In actuality if there is someone to blame for the current mess of games that ask your actual money for these “games” it is the storefronts themselves. If they do proper quality assessment of the products they sell to people then we wouldn’t have such a storm of shovelware around every corner. So, is Unity responsible? I think not.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Let us know!

Written by: NinjaClicks

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  1. “The engine is free and you have a very lenient licensing agreement with them when you decide you want to commercially sell your product.” That is actually describing unreal engine 4 licensing. Unity has a free version but is otherwise a paid product (even if nowadays, most of the features are in the free version). Once you release, unity doesn’t take a dime from you! While unreal retains 5% of the profits…

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