Goodbye Fidget Spinner, Hello Tiny Arcade!

Why are these ridiculous fidget spinners such a craze?! Enough with it! If you want to keep your fingers busy and yourself entertained, ditch that spinner for a TinyArcade that actually puts a miniature playable arcade game in the palm of your hand!

Modeling itself after the arcade consoles as we know them, these lilliputian arcades are literally the size of your finger, going to show how far we’ve come in the past 30 years! Loaded with a joystick and two buttons, the arcade runs games off a MicroSD that fits right inside the arcade. A power and a volume knob located on the side and top are the only other controls you’ll ever need. The TinyArcade comes equipped with a whole bunch of classic 8-bit games (Tetris, Flappy Birds, Street Racer and Space Invader, to name a few) that should provide you with hours of entertainment! Now for the love of humanity, please ditch that fidget spinner. It doesn’t impress anybody!

Designer: TinyCircuits








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