5 Games Where The Voice Acting Failed Hilariously

People and things, speak in games. Well, of course they do! For the characters that speaks, we usually hire some form of human life to be the voices of these characters that we meet in our digital adventures. Some games will stay in your memory forever for creating a strong bond with the characters and others will stay in memory out of pure hilarity of the attempts. Journey with me as I take a look at 5 games where the voice acting failed hilariously!

#5 Mega man 8

This game had one of the best character voice over fails ever. A certain character by the name of Dr. Wight (see what I did there?), was voiced by someone that had a bit of difficulty pronouncing the letter “L”. When hearing this good doctor speak it might remind you of a certain Looney Tune character that hunts “Wabitts“. While the game wasn’t that bad to play and gave people and average experience, it broke into our hearts with the voice actors. This however, might be part of the character itself and even if it is, it doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

#4 Deep Fear

Deep Fear, instilled less fear and more laughter than it should have. For its time it was a very good game, based in the ever popular horror genre. With a sub-aquatic scenery and countless dialogue to enjoy this game carved its way into our memory for as long as people like me, don’t give it a rest. Aside from the protagonist that didn’t have the best voice-over; the real treat began when the French mister Dubois made his appearance. In what I can only describe as absolutely hilarious, the voice actor went far beyond what anyone could ever dream of!

#3 Resident Evil

Oh, Barry! Erm, I mean, Resident Evil. Littered with voice acting that makes the skin crawl, this title became one of the go-to sources when referring to voice acting blunders in video games. With strange voice acting all around you and no seeming good break to get away from it, it remains memorable as a game series as well as for the voice acting prowess. Especially from the character Jill. The scene that took the internet by storm, still remains the “Jill Sandwich”, but you can look at the video and let Barry show you how it’s done.

#2 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Most people that enjoy RPG’s can agree that Oblivion holds a special place in their heart. Although the game was memorable as a game itself, it also gained some infamy due to the voice acting. With many races and only what seems to be a hand full of voice actors, it soon became somewhat of a joke in my friendship circles. The way that some orcs sounded exactly like some humans did and some humans sounding like some elves, made it clear that the budget went to other aspects of the game. One of the best moments? When the voice actor said they were going to do the line again. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, it made it into the final cut of the game!

#1 Castlevania: Symphony of the night

Alucard, oh, Alucard where for art thou! What happens when you crank the reverb to maximum and read a drunken vampire version of Shakespeare? You guessed it, you get Castlevania: Symphony of the night! The game itself isn’t that bad, with a memorable art style and set itself apart from other titles in the genre. Unfortunately they also set themselves apart in the sense of voice acting. With lines like “How is that I have been so defeated?” defintely makes this one of the hallmark voice experiences.

Written by: NinjaClicks

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